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SSW registration support organization

We are pleased to inform you that CREW was registered with the Immigration Bureau of Japan as Specified Skilled Workers Registration support organization on December 18, 2020.

Contents of support
① Provide information on matters to be noted in Japan before entering Japan
② Pick up foreigners at airfields etc.
③ Support for securing housing in Japan and securing guarantors. Support for opening bank deposit accounts and purchasing mobile phones. Support for notifications to government agencies necessary for living in Japan
④ Provide general living information in Japan after entering Japan
⑤ Accompanied when a foreigner performs procedures such as notification
⑥ Give students the opportunity to learn the Japanese language necessary for their daily lives
⑦ Consultation, complaint handling, advice, guidance, etc.
⑧ Provide support for promoting exchanges between foreigners and Japanese
⑨ Assistance to enable you to work at a new place of employment if you cancel your employment contract for any reason not attributable to a foreigner
⑩ The support manager or the person in charge of the support conducts regular interviews with foreigners and those who are in charge of their supervision, and reports to the relevant administrative agencies when they learn of problems such as violations of labor-related laws and regulations.

<Inquiries about this service>
Support Staff: Amy Liu
Support Countries: China, Vietnam, India etc.
TEL: 06-6628-0299

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