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International Workers

Job Seekers: CREW is a company that provides free services for foreigners who want to work in Japan, including skill training and interview assistance and consistent support even after entering the job.
Employers: CREW will work with you to create an environment where international talents can work in Japan comfortably, while providing more options for you to solve labor shortage problems and lower your hiring expenses.
If you want to welcome foreigners to join your team, please talk to CREW ! We strictly follow “Immigration Control Law” to eliminate illegal employment activities, and assist Japanese companies to be more competitive and innovative.

Highly Skilled IT Engineer

Japanese are facing a severe shortage of high-end technical personnel, and the demand for highly skilled foreign engineers is growing. If you are looking for a workplace where you can develop your skills, CREW will sincerely provide you with free introduction services.

Specified Skilled Workers

Specified Skilled Worker is a status of residence created to give foreign nationals more opportunities to work in Japan. There are two types of Specified Skilled Worker status of residence: type (i) and type (ii). The type (ii) status of residence requires more specialized skills than type (i).
Looking to work or hire someone as a Specified Skilled Worker?
With our support, both workers and employers can benefit from the Specified Skilled Worker program.

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