Recruiting.IT.Trading Company

Company Culture

Founded in 1990, CREW, as an embedded software developer, has developed rapidly in home appliances, vehicle equipment and medical instruments.
Since 1996, CREW has utilized overseas resources to not only develop software, but also provide human resources services to Japanese manufacturing companies.
Entering 2019, establish an international talent introduction and dispatch business in the wishes of “provide more space for international talents and contribute to the globalization of Japanese companies.”
We hope that every talents who joins CREW will become a CREW member, and under the guidance of mutual trust, play a spirit of cooperation and perseverance!

Company Philosophy
Give full play to the talent recruit company’s professional knowledge and introduce the most suitable talents to companies .

Company Mission

  • CREW’s talent consultants has strong IT professional background and familiar with international culture.
  • Chinese, Japanese, and English languages available for talent evaluation and communication assistance.
  • Challenge common sense, from ordinary to excellency, we bring out your value.
  • Maintain company’s operating costs at the lowest level in the industry, thus ensuring the maximum benefits for talents.

Strong Point

  • Establish partnerships with talents and provide fully support services.
  • Respect diversity, actively promote multiple cultures, reach out to international talents.
  • Challenge new ways of working, and carry out reform activities together with enterprises and talents.

Future Vision

We aim to help companies and job seekers to reach their goals.
Connecting people “heart to heart”,bringing smiles from “face to face”.